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Personal Training Client of the month – Kevin Kelly

Personal Training Client of the month goes to Rochdale’s Kevin Kelly.

This month’s personal Training Client of the month goes to Rochdale’s, Kevin Kelly.

Kevin came to us with aim of losing a little bit of weight and improving his general fitness. Choosing to undertake personal training sessions in Rochdale with us, initially, twice a week while he gained an understanding of exercises and exercise technique.

We set some training goals early on based on his fitness tests and body composition results and to his credit he has been patient and stuck to what he set out to achieve during his personal training sessions.

On his recent re-assessment session Kevin’s results had shown a positive change. He hit his goal weight, but also has changed his body composition reducing his bodyfat % by 5% and has seen an increase in lean body mass. In terms of his general fitness and strength, he added 138m to his Dallas test, 74w to his MMP test and has seen a 20% increase in his 1Rep Max tests. This has been over a 9-month period, but he has really bought into the fact that these things don’t happen overnight and that being consistent is key to getting the changes he wanted. Kevin joined a local gym a few months back and takes what he has learnt at Bodypro into his sessions there. He also took up cycling on the weekend and has built up the stamina now to cover some decent distances. I feel its these lifestyle changes, along with his developed knowledge of what he needs to be consuming, that have really accelerated his results for him. Well done Kevin, for being our personal training client of the month for Rochdale – we look forward to seeing your progress in the future. For anyone else looking to start their personal training journey, get in touch with us now. 

Personal Training Client of the month - Kevin Kelly


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