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Our December Client of the month goes to Jason Diamond!

Jason started training with us in the middle of November with the aim of losing some post lockdown weight and getting his general fitness back to a level he was happy with.

He explained he had fallen into a routine at home drinking a little more through the week and that becoming the norm, as it did for a lot of people.

Jason decided that he was going to cut this out and limit himself to one night over the weekend to go out for a nice meal have a few drinks. He coupled this with keeping his activity levels up through the week alongside x2 gym sessions at Bodypro. We also set a calorie controlled target that would keep his energy levels where they needed to be to fuel his sessions but also keep him in a slight calorie deficit.

We got to work pretty quick and after a 4 week check in, Jason dropped 6.7kg of bodyweight, saw his Dallas test go from 809m to 848m, knocked 7 seconds off his 500m Ski time and see his average power output go from 223w to 279w on his MMP test.

These results are remarkable considering this was only a short time after starting a consistent training programme.

We are looking forward to seeing where the journey goes for Jason.

Great work!


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