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Personal training should be personal. Which is why we get to know your likes and dislikes, to make training fun, but challenging. Whether you're looking to gain strength and mass, lose fat, run faster and further, or become more active and feel better, we've a training routine perfect for you. 

It all starts with your induction session. This 90 minute session allows us to get to know you, both physically and emotionally, setting a benchmark for your health and fitness. From this benchmark, we'll regularly test you to ensure progress by the metrics you want; the person in the mirror, the body fat percentage, a series of strength tests or a cardiovascular workout. 

For those looking to stay active and healthy without the pressure of tracking, that's fine too. Many of our clients train weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and know that they're staying in good shape. Less conscious of the scales or fat calipers. BodyPro endeavours to be a friendly, fun and challenging studio, one you enjoy coming back to. It's because of this reason that some of our clients have been with us for years! 


How it all started.

BodyPro was established by Ben back in 2004, with the intention to provide a motivational coaching experience, with the latest equipment, and an up-to-date team across all areas of health and fitness. All in a clean and private environment. 

Some of our team have been with us for over a decade, a team that are dedicated to helping our clients become the best version of themselves. Our trainers live and breathe health and fitness, beyond exercise and training we've got nutrition, sleep and recovery covered. 

It all started in Rochdale, and then the Horwich Studio followed. Two distinct spaces, but with the same ethos, feel and personality. Perfect for your goals, no matter what they are. 



Carefully crafted workouts to help you meet your goals. We'll work you hard, but you'll enjoy it. 


We're here to educate and inform, we aren't just counting reps! We can guide you on form, intensity, when you can push harder and when to ease off.


Yes it's true, you can't out-train a bad diet, but there's more to food (and life) than counting calories. What you're putting in your body can have a significant impact on your health and how you feel. 


Each workout is personally designed for your objectives. If you love destressing by hitting a bag, let's box. If you like lifting, let's lift. If working hard through a cardiovascular circuit helps, let's do more of it.

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