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Our client of the month is Salma Chapti for her dedication and already reaching her goals.

Salma has been training with us for 8 weeks now twice a week. On Salma’s initial session she said that she would like to lose weight, improve her diet and increase her fitness.

Over the last 8 weeks Salma has seen amazing results. She has dropped 3% body fat, lost 4kg and is now able to fit in pre pregnancy clothes for 4 years previously. We use a combination of strength training, cardio and core. All of which have greatly improved since Salma’s first session. This has also resulted in Salma no longer suffering severe back pain. She has also had the confidence to join a local netball team. As well as the fitness side Salma has followed our advice on how to improve her eating habits, which has not only aided her weight loss but also has given her much more energy to tackle her day to day busy life.

Well done Salma keep up the hard work and let’s get those new goals smashed!!


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