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Personal Training client of the month – Denver Thornton

This month’s personal training client of the month is Denver Thornton.

Personal training client of the month – Denver Thornton

Denver has been training at Bodypro Personal Training for 12 months now and has made steady progress in the first 6 months,  we thought it was important to build up his fitness levels gradually to ensure he didn’t feel over worked.

Over the summer months Denver has significantly increased his training intensity and has seen great results from this added effort in each personal training session. As well as increasing his training intensity Denver decided to have a month off alcohol which has helped him recover from training and feel much better in day to day life.

How do we know Denver has improved his training and fitness?

Here at Bodypro we regularly assess our client’s progress to ensure they’re progressing during their personal training sessions. Denver always works hard during his session, giving it 100% each time he stepped into the personal training studio. He had a fantastic training attitude and it really shone through in his assessments…

Some of Denver’s assessments:

  1. Watt bike 3 min power test 127watts heart rate at 160bpm NOW 184watts heart rate at 150pbm

  2. Rower dallas test 758m heart rate 155bpm NOW 953m heart rate 150bpm

  3. Bench press 5 rep max 15kg NOW 30kg (THAT’S DOUBLE)

Wow well done Denver!

With his new fitness level and lust for life Denver has decided to sign himself up to walk to Everest base camp as his next challenge. Amazing progress shows what can be done with a little guidance and some hard work in personal training sessions. Keep up the good work.

You never know – with commitment and hard work like Denver, you could be featured as our personal training client of the month!


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