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Personal Trainer’s Client of the Month

Personal Trainer's Client of the Month Joanne Bell

Personal Trainer’s Client of the Month Joanne Bell

Our Personal Trainer’s Client of the Month goes to Joanne Bell for January. Joanne came to us with the hope of improving general fitness, reduce bodyfat % and improve muscle tone.

Her training was quite inconsistent beforehand, and she wasn’t the most confident with structuring a session for herself at her local gym.

In the short time Jo has trained with us she has reduced BF% by 2.5% and reduced her circumference measurements in the areas she desired.

Her fitness testing saw a massive increase, including a 1:45min increase on her plank, and she registered some really good numbers on her 1Rep Max Tests for bench press and deadlift.

She has also built the confidence to continue with the more complex exercises at her local gym without the supervision of a trainer and is training much more frequently.

We are really pleased with Jos’ results in the short space of time she has been training with us and the lifestyle changes she has made.

Keep up the good work Jo – you belong as our Client of the Month.

If you want to complete your own fitness journey, get in touch. 


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