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Client of the month – Ryan Miskella

Ryan’s from Littleborough and trains x3/week in the evenings.

His reason for (re)starting training at BodyPro was to lose more weight than he had already done as he wasn’t satisfied with how he felt and looked even though he went for a run 1 or 2 times a week. His nutrition wasn’t too healthy either and he didn’t really enjoy exercise too much.

Whereas now, after staying immensely consistent with his training for the past 3 months along with drinking only water (no alcohol at all in 3 months), getting his 10k steps a day in 5 times a week and eating much healthier, he really feels as though he’s now on his way to achieving his health and fitness goals as well as believing it is possible too!

He’s realised boxing is his favourite form of exercise and that the training he does with Jonny at BodyPro doesn’t actually feel too much like exercise. He now enjoys it and looks forward to each of his x3 sessions per week as exercise no longer feels like a chore! Ryan says he now sleeps much better, which leaves him with much improved energy levels each day along with his increase in self-confidence and being happy to stay injury free too!

Ryans stats 

  1. total of 10kg lost

  2. 14cm reduction off waist circumference

  3. 13cm reduction off chest circumference

  4. Watt bike MMP test was 193 watts at 163bpm massive improvement up to 261 watts with a lower heart rate of 147bpm, this shows Ryan’s performance has increased with a lower heart rate output.

great before and after pictures Ryan 


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