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Client of the month – Rebecca Stephenson

Our client of the month is Rebecca Stephenson, Rebecca has been training at Bodypro since 2016, and came to us with no real structure in training and nutritional information, also carrying a minor back tightness an overuse injury due to her chosen sport of archery, with some guidance in her training (recently implementing strength and conditioning work) and nutritional information aiming it towards sporting performance, Rebecca has just won Lancashire lady recurve champ topping 7 other lady’s, she has been working on this goal for 3 years and with determination and consistency within her training has finally smashed this goal, she is also ranked in the top 21 national lady’s in the country out of 250 other lady’s. Becca commented “I think my training has really benefited me, giving me more energy. I’m feeling a lot stronger, it made a massive difference, the strength training has given me more control through my shot in the wind and when I become tired and fatigued” Becca’s next goal before the year out is to make sure she is in the top 20 of national lady’s in the UK, become a grand master bowman, which is the top qualification she can achieve and is only 15 points away from. Good luck from all us at Bodypro and we are looking forward to helping you towards your new goals.


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