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Client of the Month – Paula Dalzeil

Paula , female , age 58 and only started to run in the last 5 years – anyone can do this Three years ago this month I began working with Ben and then Chris at Bodypro.  At that point, I could run a bit but had aspirations for doing longer and more difficult challenges.  And, what I knew was that I was not anywhere near strong enough and was falling regularly when out on the trails, my back would hurt after anything more than 10 miles and yet I planned to complete a 55k later that summer. I met with Ben and realised that squats were going to be a massive challenge and balance was anything but straightforward.  Basically, after many decades of doing nothing apart from walking I need to find and build a stronger core, and at the same time gain a strength to help me with all aspects of my running.  The difference has been nothing short of amazing – Chris over the last 2 years has helped me transform my balance, core and strength- the result was this last Christmas I signed up for a real challenge – I planned to run just over 100 miles. In May 2019 from 10th-13th May, I would complete the Cotswold Way 100 challenge- 103 miles in 4 days along the trail of the Cotswold Way.  It would start in Chipping Camden and it would end in Bath – yes, Bath at Bath Abbey 4 days later.  The first day would start with an easy 17 miles and end in Hailes, day 2 (the hilly day) would be 30 miles and end in Canner, day 3  would be 26 miles (supposedly the easy day – they lied!, it was another hilly day)  and day 4 and the final day – a mere 34 miles and finish at Bath Abbey!!!!! I DID IT – I finished on Monday 13th May and it was a fantastic experience!!!    I absolutely know that strength training, core work and a great deal of encouragement and patience from Chris and Ben has paid off.  Now, I need to figure out what my next challenge will be – well, that is after the Coniston trail marathon in a couple of weeks.  At work (I work within a Manchester University)  our department all voted on a charity that we would like to support – and the charity who also support our students and the local community is Manchester Mind.  My colleagues suggested that this event would be worth supporting – as they thought I was daft taking on such a challenge.  This link explains why completing this challenge is so important to me –

I will continue to work with Chris and I know that my next big challenge will require even more strength, a good core and excellent balance – every time I finish at the gym I walk away with a smile.  The thing is Bodypro has enabled me to have the confidence to commit to challenges, and know that I will be able to succeed.  This is such a positive experience, for every aspect of my life.  Thanks to all at Bodypro!

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