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Client of the Month - Jannine donaghy

Jannine has been training at Bodypro since September 2022. Her goals are to lose weight and improve her general fitness. Jannine had a long standing back injury and when starting training at Bodypro training her training was tailored to improve her core strength, posture and flexibility. To achieve her goals we set her a daily activity target, a daily calorie target and increased her exercise output. Training consists of x1 Bodypro session a week and several workouts at home. Jannines Bodypro sessions are a mixture of interval based cardio (using HR zones) and introducing resistance training. Over time Jannines back has improved so much so that her back does not bother her anymore. She has smashed her goals with 4.9kg lost so far and massive improvements in assessments like her 300m ski initial scores were 3.27av speed 164bpm on our re assessment scores were improved to 3.05av speed 162bpm. We were also able to add new fitness assessments which Jannine was unable to do on her initial assessment either from injury or lack of fitness. Last session Jannine ran 1km without stopping for someone who hasn’t run for years this is a big achievement. Jannine puts her success down to improving the quality of her diet and training hard at Bodypro. Well done Jannine we are super proud of your achievements. Well done keep it up.


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