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Client of the month – Gina Thornton

January’s client of the month is Gina Thornton.

In the last 6 months Gina has lost a huge 44lb and had massive improvements in fitness and reduction in her dress size significantly. It’s been great to see that consistency gets results.

Check out Ginas results

  1. 20kg weight loss – 44lbs

  2. Bodyfat reduction of 9%

  3. Hip circumference down 11cm

  4. Waist circumference down 10cm

  5. Rower 1000m time was 6min 1sec NOW 4min 39sec with a lower heart rate

Great results G.

Since coming home from Jersey pre national lockdown Gina has been tracking her calories and training X2 a week at Bodypro without fail. Gina lives in Tottington which is right in between our Rochdale and Horwich studios so some weeks she will train in Horwich but mainly at the Rochdale branch. Gina has a love hate relationship with training she hates it but love it when she is done!, and hates Ben….

“training at Bodypro is hard that’s what gets you the results you want, if we only trained because we love it or when we are in the right mood to train. We would hardly ever train!”

Gina interviews interview

Favourite exercise: 100% Boxing

AM or PM training: I train one night in the week and one session on a Saturday morning

Reason for starting at Bodypro: I want to be skinny!

How did they hear about us? Friend told me about Bodypro

Diet and lifestyle before training at Bodypro? I sporadically went to the gym, and wasn’t consistent with what I ate, sone days I’d be really good others I’d just eat what I wanted to.

Diet and lifestyle now? I think about it a lot more I make conscious choices and plan ahead, I’m pretty strict during the week which allows for a treat at weekend (cheat meals), I’ve learnt what’s the right amount and what I need to do/eat to lose weight which is very hard to workout on your own. Bodypro have really helped me with this side of things and it’s made a massive difference.

Average steps? 20k at weekends to stay active and try for 10k during the week but with work it’s hard.

Average Alcohol? none at the moment

Average calories? I stick to 1700 everyday with out fail

Average workout week? I do X2 session at Bodypro X1 long walk at weekends.

“In Ginas session we work with her heart rate all the time. It doesn’t matter if we are doing a cardio session including ski erg sprints, kettlebell circuits and boxing or a resistance session of full body movements we always make sure she is working within her 75-85% max heart rate zone.”

How else has it helped you? I feel so much more confident now.

Most hated exercise or workout? I hate the Rower, any sit ups and step ups, anything that involves these. Generally coming in, we don’t all need to enjoy working out to get a benefit from it. Ginas words….

Would you recommend Bodypro? yes, defiantly Bodypro has helps me stay on track, I feel accountable, and Ben shouts at me if I put weight on because he is nasty.

We would like to congratulate Gina on your success, Gina has shown that the regular influence of a PT can help build habits and behaviour change that has big impacts on your results. Keep up the good work.

Tram Bodypro


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