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Winter client of the season – Sharon Psaila

Sharon Psaila Sharon came to Bodypro in April 2015, She had never trained before and wanted to lose weight, improve general health and her ultimate goal to have a flatter stomach. Sharron is a full time mum of 4, although she has her hands full she found time to initially train at Bodypro 3 days a week while also trying to make time for a run once per week. The initial routine we applied to Sharron consisted of a 50/50 split between resistance training and cardio, this programme was then modified when we believed Sharron was at her optimal weight and we had achieved what we set out to in her fat loss phase. Her sessions have now gone down to twice per week and she completes all resistance training whilst completing a general conditioning session at home. Our aim is to know build a small amount of lean muscle mass to give Sharron the “toned” appearance she described when we first met her. As well as her training Sharron has achieved her goals by maintaining consistency with her diet. We didn’t have to have a complete overhaul of Sharron’s diet, it was clear that due to her being busy with her family she needed a diet that the whole family could share. The main focus was education on nutritional content, food selection and healthier alternatives to every day foods she was already consuming. The maintainability of a diet has to be its main focus otherwise it will never succeed. Sharon Training

Sharons’ before and after test results 11/04/1523/11/2015Weight67.7kg 10st 9lb54.7kg 8st 8lbBody fat %31.04%21.1%CircumferencesHip – 106.5cm Waist – 88cm Arms – 30cmHip – 92cm Waist – 73cm Arms – 25cmResting Heart Rate5962Step testMax – 157 Rec – 103135 76Sit Up Test1min – 141min- 30Cooper Test1600m2340MMMP Test123w156WPlank Test34’s2:17

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