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Real people real results award - Donna Matthews

Our Real people Real results award goes to the inspirational Donna Matthews.

When Donna first walked into Bodypro 16 weeks ago she wanted to lose body fat, tone up and increase her overall physical fitness.

She has since lost over 10 KGs, massively increased her fitness and toned up everywhere.. Wow

Donna trains twice a week. Her sessions involve a mixture of resistance training and cardio based training. Every week Donna pushes herself to become a better version of herself. Outside of the gym Donna has stuck to her calorie deficit. She sticks to a high protein low carbohydrate diet. One of Donna’s keys to success over the last 16 weeks had been her dedication in sticking to her diet.

Donna walks over 15 miles a week. Instead of driving Donna gets her exercise in from walking to work and the gym.

Quote from Donna

“I was extremely nervous when I walked through the doors of Bodypro in November 2023 but James and the team have inspired me beyond all of my expectations. I am stronger, fitter and my mental health has improved too. Thank you Bodypro. What an amazing place” Donna.

It’s an absolute pleasure to have you in and around our gym Donna. Well done, keep working hard and all will pay off.

Bodypro team


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