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What is the Best Workout Routine?

The best workout routine is – first and foremost – one that includes regular strength training.

Cardio can be a part of your workout routine but, for the best results, you need to do it in a way that keeps your body guessing.

Before you choose your next workout routine, it is essential that you learn the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind the best programs. A solid understanding of how the different ways of working out impact your body will help you recognize workout programs that will provide you with the results you want.

Strength Training

The best workout routine for will always include strength training. Strength training will increase your muscle mass, improve your metabolism, and help you develop the physique you desire. The female body is not

genetically designed to build muscle in the same way as men. Therefore, women do not have to worry about getting bulky with strength training. The women you see in bodybuilding competitions with large, defined muscles have followed workout and eating regimens with that specific goal in mind – it does not happen with a typical strength training program. Beyond the impact on your appearance, strength training also provides other benefits such as preventing bone loss.


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. HIIT training can be considered cardio because of the impact that it has on your heartrate. This type of training involves short windows of time where you move through a

series of different exercises as many times as you can. HIIT is a style of working out that should be reserved for people who are already relatively fit. You need to have some experience working out consistently before you begin HIIT because proper form is essential to avoid injury. Plus, the intensity level of HIIT is not necessary for someone who is just getting started. Starting out, you can find a lot of success increasing your non-exercise movement throughout the day in addition to your strength training routine.

A Program That Fits Around Your Life

Ultimately, the best workout routine for you is the one that you can fit around your life. If you need to workout at home while your kids nap, a

program designed for the gym simply will not work. If you are easing back into working out after having a baby, then you should not try to do a program designed for people who have spent the last year building strength and endurance in the gym. Fortunately, you can do a quality workout routine in a variety of ways and situations. There are programs that take your experience, life situation, and goals into account.

There is no one-size-fits-all workout routine that everyone should do. The reality is that some people can get to the gym while others need to workout at home with minimal equipment. As long as the workout routine you choose has a foundation of strength training, you will see results. You can add in other elements to your workouts based on your preferences, but strength training is the key to reaching and maintaining your fitness goals.

Still Unsure What’s Best For Your Workout Routine?

Simply get in touch with us and get yourself an initial session booked in. During your initial session one of our highly experienced personal trainers will have an in depth chat about your goals and help you to figure out what kind of workout routine would best suit you.


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