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We’ll get to our top 5 fat burning kettlebell exercises in a minute, but first allow us to explain to you some of the benefits of kettlebell training:

  1. A really simple piece of equipment anyone and everyone can have lying about at home due to them taking up next to no space at all and also being easy to get hold of, even Aldi sell them nowadays!

  2. The offset handle enables swinging and dynamic fat burning movements

  3. Full body movements connect head to toe and improve core conditioning

  4. Increases lung and heart capacity as the multi-joint movements require more oxygen for the body

  5. Little or no movement of the feet meaning minimal impact and workout space required

  6. Can be used by a newbie to exercise or by someone who has exercising all their life

Please remember to always be 100% sure of your technique and that you are able to use the weight you have selected before attempting these exercises! If you’re in any way unsure, feel free to get in touch with us or your Personal Trainer to be safe and avoid any unnecessary injuries.

We’ll be posting videos of these top 5 fat burning kettlebell exercises over the course of this week, so be sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram page for those!

Here’s our Top 5 Fat Burning Kettlebell Exercises (in no particular order)..

  1. Turkish Get Up

  2. Two Handed Kettlebell Swing

  3. Goblet squat

  4. Single Leg Deadlift

  5. Kettlebell High Pull

By doing all of these top 5 fat burning kettlebell exercises you’ll pretty much be working every single muscle in your body.

Want to know how to combine these top 5 fat burning kettlebell exercises into a workout for yourself?

Then check out our bonus tip below to help you do just that!


Here’s how you can combine our top 5 fat burning kettlebell exercises to create yourself an at home workout, a workout on the go, or even (when/if possible) a workout to do on your lunch break at work!

If the amount of reps given below doesn’t feel like enough, then double them. Repeat the below FAT BURNING circuit 3-5 times:

  1. Turkish Get Up x5 reps each side

  2. 30-60 second REST

  3. Two Handed Kettlebell Swings x20 reps

  4. 30-60 second REST

  5. Goblet Squat x10 reps

  6. 30-60 second REST

  7. Single Leg Deadlift x5 reps each side

  8. 30-60 second REST

  9. Kettlebell High Pull x5 reps each side

  10. 2 minute REST.. then START AGAIN!

Comment below which of the top 5 fat burning kettlebell exercises you liked the best!!

Thanks for reading, have a great workout and a great day!


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