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The All Or Nothing Mentality

ALL OR NOTHING = “having no middle position or compromise available”

🤔We really think that definition of ALL OR NOTHING says it all..

Let us cut it down further for you..


What does that sentence above speak out to you❓

👇🏽Comment below your thoughts👇🏽

Here’s what “HAVING NO COMPROMISE AVAILABLE” speaks to us:

  1. Being unrealistic

  2. Not allowing for mistakes

  3. Not allowing for learning

  4. Not allowing yourself to be kind to yourself

  5. Being way too strict (like we’re at school or something)

  6. Beating yourself up mentally

  7. Being stuck in a vicious cycle

  8. Always starting over and over again with a new diet or training programme

Would you agree⁉️

Yet do you find yourself often falling into this ALL OR NOTHING game with yourself?

Have you ever won this game❓

Hmmmm.. We didn’t think so!!

It’s time to snap out of it!

And instead COMPROMISE and HAVE A MIDDLE POSITION when it comes to the weekends with your exercise and healthy eating. Or when you miss a workout. Or when you have to get a lunch on the go one time in a busy week. Sometimes its OK to compromise.

This is EXACTLY what we coach our ALL OR NOTHING clients.

So that instead they can:

  1. Be realistic

  2. Make mistakes and learn from them

  1. Be kind to themselves

  2. Be lenient with themselves

  3. Be nice to themselves

  4. Finally snap out of that vicious cycle of ALL OR NOTHING

  5. And stop starting over and over again

  6. Improving both their physical and mental health in the process

Comment below with an emoji to describe your ALL OR NOTHING habit


If this is something you know you constantly struggle with, simply get in touch with us and lets have a chat about the vicious cycle you keep finding yourself in each week 📱 ☎️ 📞


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