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The 8 Best Resistance Training Exercises


Whether you are new to working out, or have been lifting for years, the compound exercises are always going to be your best bet. Compound exercises are going to be the movements that stimulate multiple muscles at once, and allow the greatest load to be placed on the body. The beauty of this is you are stimulating more than just one muscle, and giving it a stress that forces the body to adapt.

The 8 Best Resistance Training Exercises

Chest = Flat Bench Press & Incline Bench Press

Back = Pull-Up/Chin-Up, Bent Over Row & Deadlift

Legs = Squats, Lunges & Deadlift

Shoulders = Overhead Shoulder Press

This is by no means an exhaustive list, or the ONLY exercises you should be doing. Think of structuring your workout with these 8 exercises as a set of tools to get the job done (gain muscle & lost fat). Find the most bang for your buck exercises that hit the most muscles.

If after that you find certain areas are lagging behind, or smaller muscles are holding you back from progressing from the bigger movements, then can you add in more. You don’t have to be doing bicep curls, lateral raises, and skullcrushers especially if you only want to get strong and healthy overall.


The reason we emphasize compound movements is from a stimulation point of view. If you don’t care much for working out and you’re only doing it for the health aspect, or just wanted to be efficient with your time in the gym, which would you rather do? A bicep curl that will help your biceps grow and that’s about it, or a pull-up which will stimulate the biceps as well as the rhomboids, lats, and entire musculature of your back? It’s about working out smarter not harder toward your goal(s).


If you’re not sure how to put together these best 8 resistance training exercises into a workout for yourself, or you’re unsure what weights to start with. Simply get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to help develop you your own personalised plan based on your unique health and fitness goal(s). We’ll also help you to perform each of these exercises as safely as possible and with the correct form to ensure you build high quality muscle and get stronger progressively over time.


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