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Summer Client of the Season – Irene Prosser

Irene has been a Bodypro client for over 10 years and trains twice a week at Bodypro.  She is retired, likes to cook, go on holiday and enjoys life.  She has lost weight in the past but has lost her focus at times after holidays or Christmas. Through her own admission she is very good at maintaining her weight by exercising, eating fairly well but enjoying a little too many glasses of wine and occasional treats. Irene needed to find the motivation and the want to change a few things in her life in order to start losing weight again.  Following Christmas 2016 Irene gained weight and decided enough was enough and she wanted to make the changes in order to shift some weight.  She had the support of her husband as he too had gained some weight he wanted to shift. In January following her assessments Irene set some goals with Natalie and some simple plans how she could achieve them:

  1. Drink alcohol no more than 2 x week

  2. Cut out any bad snacks

  3. Be more active in everyday life, walking more and on her bike where possible.

  4. Plan meals ahead

  5. Cook from fresh

These were very achievable and Irene often did these anyway but consistency was going to be the focus this time.  Whilst she was mentally in the right place to stick to these guidelines once she saw they were making a difference to her weight, body shape and energy in training sessions it motivated her to keep going. Weight loss has been steady but consistent at 1-2lb every week.  So we reassessed Irene in March and the results were amazing. Results Jan 17                       April 17 87kg                          77.5kg 41% Body fat          33% Body fat 8cm off hips 12 cm off waist 2cm from arms Resting Heart Rate 67bpm        62bpm Plank test                  50s      –       95s Step test                   152/110  –  137/91 O’neill Test               816m          889m MMP Test                 126w          171w Sit ups                        25               29 Press up                     27               33 Irene is looking amazing and training so well at the moment and has more goals she hoping to achieve.  Keep up the good work Irene.


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