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Snack Advice

A lot of clients keep asking us “what snacks can I eat?”   I think it all depends on what you like. I personally snack on oatcakes because (they are made up of oats (71%) and cheese (15%) therefore they are low in sugar and saturated fat)  I also eat fruit such as bananas and apples because they are unrefined although they are high in sugar I generally eat them prior to exercise which sometimes helps me get through my workout. “A cluster of new studies suggests that people who regularly work out don’t need to worry unduly about consuming fructose or other sugars. In certain circumstances, they may even find the sweet stuff beneficial.” I also eat mixed unsalted nuts which although high in calories and high in fat are full of essential vitamins, protein and good fats. Ben likes to snack on protein bars such as CNP Pro Flapjack bars: “CNP Pro Flapjack high protein bars are not your typical high fat, high sugar flapjacks found in most stores today. Pro-Flapjack bars have been specifically designed for the health conscious individual and are a delicious way of providing quality protein and complex carbohydrates. He also likes to snack on Quest Protein bars which are high in protein, low in sugar and saturated fat. Craig likes to make what he calls his “protein balls” which are high in calorie but nutritionally packed calories. Example ingredients 100 Oats,  75g peanut butter, 75g flavoured whey protein and a splash of almond milk with optional flaxseeds, almonds and sultanas or raisins. Jamie likes making a smoothie containing banana, blueberries, blackberries, natural yoghurt, protein powder, porridge oats and seeds.  This is normally consumed post workout its high in calories, nutrient dense and convenient when going from the gym to work. Other good examples:

  1. Berries such as Blueberries/Blackberries and Raspberries which are high in Anti-oxidants, low in calorie and taste great.

  2. Celery sticks and hummus

  3. Linwoods seed mixes- add to shakes, porridge, home made protein bars, salads etc for an increase in essential fatty acids.

  4. – over 100 snacks delivered for your convenience, all snacks have been nutritionist approved and show you the nutritional content per portion. They also have a high protein option for those post workout hunger pangs.

  5. Nutrient boost snack pot- for those of you sat at a desk needing something to keep you out of the office biscuit tin try a portion of chopped dates, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Quick and easy to prepare, low calorie, nutrient dense.

  6. Fruit and seed flap jack- Perfect snack for those of you having a long day at work before training, try consuming an hour before training. A slightly higher calorie option with a high carbohydrate content but packed with vitamins and an excellent energy source. Combine rolled oats , vegetable oil, golden syrup, demerara sugar, dates, sunflower seeds, sultanas, apricots, raisins, currents, pumpkin seeds and form in to bars.


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