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Improving Squatting Technique

Improving Squatting Technique A correct squatting technique is undervalued in the gym. In fact, the value of a squat is imperative in order to achieve you fitness goals. When a squat is performed properly, with the correct technique and form, it is integral to a successful training plan. When a squat is performed properly, they trigger the release of testosterone and human growth hormone in your body. Whether your goal is muscle growth, increasing muscle mass or burning body fat and losing some weight, a good squat is essential to have in your catalogue of exercises. There are 8 benefits we have identified to emphasise the importance of a squat:

  1. Help with waste removal from previous training sessions;

  2. Prevent injuries and condition vital joints;

  3. Enhance fat burning;

  4. Maintain mobility and balance for all-round good form;

  5. Facilitates building muscle across the entire body;

  6. Toning Glutes & Abs.

  7. Functional exercise to aid everyday activities.

In order to achieve these benefits of the squat, it is important that squatting technique is excellent. Below are four drills that can maximise your squat and ensure you are maximising your workout. The four exercises are:

  1. The Wall Squat – Facing the wall, squat against the wall with only your hands touching.

  2. The Goblet Squat – use a kettle bell, low weight, high rep; emphasise depth.

  3. The Bar Squat – Using an empty bar, focus on balance during the squat.

  4. The Pole Squat – Holding part of the squat rack, hold the bottom phase of the squat

Finally, activating and getting your glutes ‘ firing ‘ is essential. Don’t forget to mobilise your joints, ankle, knee and hips. For more information on mobility techniques and glute activation contact Bodypro or ask your trainer during your training. Happy Squatting The back squat


The pole squat

The wall squat top position

bottom position


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