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How much water should you drink?

We recently put water under the spotlight, after a conversation with a few clients in our Rochdale and Bolton training studios as to how much water they drink.

Here they are, letting us know how many litres they get through each day:

When we think ‘nutrition’ we tend to focus specifically on making sure we hit our protein goals or reducing the amount of bad fats or processed carbs we eat, neglecting one of the most important questions: how much water do I need to drink each day?

Most of us are guilty of it, forgetting that around 60% of our bodies are made up of H2O. Its benefits are plentiful; it helps keep our body temperature under control, assists in digesting food, keeps our heart working healthy, as well as our brain! 

Recent research found that while we train, dehydration can significantly impact our performance and results in an increased body temperature, elevated heart rate, and measure of exertion. Meaning we have to work harder to complete the same workout, all while feeling more fatigued!

Think it’s a problem for uber athletes? Think again. A big drop in performance can happen when we lose as little a 2% of body weight H2O. If you are training for a marathon, your eyes should be focussed on ensuring your water supplies are intact, with long-distance runners’ performance being impacted by up to 60% if dehydrated. But even those undertaking personal training sessions won’t every little advantage, right?

But how much water is the right amount?

The NHS suggests in its ‘Eatwell Guide’ 6-8 glasses of water each day should do it. We know, what you’re thinking. What size glasses?!

Other research suggests that it’s best to aim for approximately 2 litres of fluid each day (8 x 8oz glasses). 

We see you calculating how often you’d need to have a glass of water in your hand, but don’t worry, us Northerners do like a brew–and it’s good news, tea and coffee count as well!!!

As do other liquids, just be careful that you’re not nailing the sugar due to the other drinks you’re consuming. While some fruit juices and smoothies look like a good way to help you nail your water aims, they might have negative effects elsewhere; they aren’t always as innocent as they seem. 

Is drinking two litres of water always enough?

The numbers above might not seem a lot if you’re running through the Sahara or undertaking a heavy personal training session in Rochdale or Bolton 😉. You’d be right. 

These numbers are based on an average day, if you’re working out intensely, or if it’s a hot summer day and you’re sweating a lot, chances are you’ll need to increase how much water you’re supping. And there are a few signs that you may be dehydrated…

Dehydration telltale signs

There’s the old soldier’s method… check your wee. If it’s more reminiscent of Lucozade Orange than of a weak Robinson’s cordial, you probably need to up your intake.

But if you’d rather not try and check the colour (admittedly, it’s easier for men!), there are a few other signs that you may be dehydrated:

  1. Lightheadedness

  2. Constantly feeling thirsty

  3. Feel dizzy for no apparent reason

  4. Your mouth feels drier than the Sahara desert

  5. You only need to wee a couple of times per day.

Of course, there are other methods, and if you do feel like something’s amiss, you should go and speak to your doctor to make sure you’re on the right track. 

Now you know about how much water to drink

Our bodies rely a lot on H2O, and its impact on our bodily functions is pretty clever! There’s a whole raft of additional health benefits that water brings:

  1. Regulates your body temperature and stops you over-heating

  2. Helps your kidney gets rid of toxins and waste (such as last night’s takeaway and beers!)

  3. Aides in a natural digestion cycle (stops you getting constipated!)

  4. Has a big impact on mental performance and helps with clear-thinking

  5. It also helps to pump oxygen around the body

  6. Feeds your muscles and tendons – it’s a natural repair tool

  7. And of course, makes you perform better in workouts.

So if you want to stay as cool as a cucumber, free of stomach pains or the reminder of last night’s takeaway, be clear-thinking and feeling good, ready to smash your workout; H2O is your secret ingredient. And of course, a Bodypro Personal Trainer.

So now you know why you need to drink it, how much to drink and how to tell when you aren’t getting enough water, you’ve no excuse. And as usual, if you have any fears or worries about your health, contact your doctor who will be able to give you professional health advice, the recommendations on this website are for educational purposes only and are not medical guidelines.


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