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Goals, Motivation and Tactics for Change

If you have vague goals for your health and fitness, there’s a really good chance they will create vague results for you.

GET MORE SPECIFIC with your health & fitness goal(s) and then you can get more specific with how to keep yourself motivated, knowing what tactics you need to do to ensure change happens in the direction you actually want!

The Goal

What are you trying to change about yourself? What observable actions will let you know you’ve succeeded?

The Motivation

What are the emotions you can amplify, the connections you can make that will cause someone to do something they’ve hesitated to do in the past (change)? The motivation isn’t the point, it’s the lever that helps you cause the change you seek.

The Tactics

What are the actions you take that cause the strategy to work? What are the exercises, workouts and nutrition implementations that, when done together, comprise your plan?

If all of the above seems WAY too complex to do yourself. Then let us do the investigating for you and get yourself an initial session booked in with one of our personal trainers. Then we can help determine what your goal is, how to keep you motivated and get you a plan put in place to achieve your goal.


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