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DNA FIT explained – What is DNA fit testing and how can it help me?

What is DNA fit testing and how can it help me? DNA fit testing is the future of the health and fitness industry. It is the first DNA test that will help you eat and train We all have a unique DNA code but we all seem to eat and train the same as the next person this is outdated. To achieve your fitness goals we need to make everything we do specific to the individual. We are all different and this is mainly due to our genes. There are the differences that we all see like eye and hair colour, but there are the differences inside that we don’t see. For example

  1. How our bodies react to training

  2. How we deal with certain food groups

  3. The way we deal with toxins

  4. How fast we recover from training.

A DNA fit test will unlock your hidden DNA and allow you to achieve your goals quicker and more effectively. One simple mouth swab will give us the following reports.


The more information we have the more effective your training and nutrition will be. Bodypro is the only company to offer a unique service with your DNA test to analyse your results and make the changes you need in your training and nutrition. All of this for £299


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