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Clients of the season Dave and Christine Wood

Client of the Season Dave and Christine have been clients at Bodypro since February 2015 and started training once a week with Craig with their main goal being weight loss and an improvement of general health. Recently Dave was recommended to make changes to his lifestyle and lose weight due to his Type 2 diabetes and has been advised to follow the blood sugar diet. The blood sugar diet is based on a low carb, Mediterranean style of eating, in order to control blood sugar levels. Other changes also included cutting right down on alcohol consumption and increasing activity level. They began training at Bodypro twice a week, adding intensity and complexity to their programmes and also included a session outside of Bodypro. A combination of training and a structured diet has allowed them to achieve their goals. Dave and Christine’s results have showed that small changes to your lifestyle can have a massive impact. Dave has also reversed his Type 2 diabetes and is now pre-diabetic. Congratulations Dave 10/02/15Weight 115.3kg Blood Pressure 138/83 Circumferences Hip 109cm Waist 126cm Chest 124cm Arms 33cm Step test 122/99bpm Sit up test (1 min) DND Press up test (1 min) DND O’Neill test 774m MMP 152w Plank DND 08/08/17Weight 95kg Blood Pressure 123/67 Circumferences Hip 106cm Waist 105cm Chest 114cm Arms 33cm Step test 118/88bpm Sit up test (1 min) 21 Press up test (1 min) 20 O’Neill test 861m MMP 222w Plank 3 min 10 secs Christine 11/2/15Weight 88.2kg Blood Pressure 105/60 Circumferences Hip 115cm Waist 105cm Chest 114cm Arms 31.5cm Step test 140/108bpm Sit up test (1 min) DND Press up test (1 min) DND O’Neill test 668m MMP 85w Plank 2 min 10 secs 08/08/17Weight 79.4kg Blood Pressure 110/65 Circumferences Hip 106cm Waist 97cm Chest 106cm Arms 30cm Step test 135/99 Sit up test (1 min) 19 Press up test (1 min) 32 O’Neill test 797m MMP 149w Plank 3 min


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