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Client of the Season – Mark Farrington

The latest client of the season is Mark Farrington. Mark started training at the Bolton early this year in June looking to lose some weight and get fit after one of his friends had done. Mark also had high blood pressure and is turning 50 next year, so he decided it’s time to make some changes.

Quote from Mark: “When you’re over weight you spend time making excuses not to do anything”

He began training with Ben once a week and has increased his activity level with 3 additional sessions outside Bodypro, following programmes set by Ben. He also started using his mountain bike once a week.

Goals aren’t just achieved in the gym… So he made several changes to his lifestyle.

He cut right down on alcohol and improved his diet by introducing a variety of vegetables into his cooking and made all his meals from scratch, all of a good nutritional standard. He controlled his snacking also as this was a big issue prior to his training.

Since June he has made some massive improvements in all areas.

Test Results: 06/06/2017 Weight 128.4kg Body Fat % 34.60% Circumferences Waist 129.5cm Chest 128cm Arms 37cm Step Test 159/129bpm Plank Test 1 min 14 seconds Dallas Test 828m Watt Bike MMP 218 watts Ski 500m 2:14.7av Bench Press Test DND IMR DND18/08/17 Weight 115.2kg Body Fat % 30.60% Circumferences Waist 114cm Chest 120.3cm Arms 34.3 Step Test 129/90bpm Plank Test 2 mins 24 seconds Dallas Test 884m Watt Bike MMP 254 watts Ski 500m 1:57.4av Bench Press Test 50kg 10 reps IMR 13 reps (legs 90 degrees)

Great work Mark, Well done keep up the good work


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