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Client of the Season

COS- Bricks Company At the start of September Jason, Chris and Stacey came to us with the intention of starting to train with us twice a week. They had been given incentive by their company to achieve a number of goals set by their trainer. The deal was that if all 3 of them exceeded targets set by ourselves the company would reimburse the cost of the sessions to them at Christmas. We set them a joint weight loss goal and then set individual fitness goals. All targets weren’t just met but where far exceeded and the below results are why we think they deserve our client of the season award. Combined total weight loss – 17.4kg Jason

  1. Lost 4% body fat

  2. Added 36’s to his plank

  3. Added 270m to his cooper run test


  1. Added 24 reps to his press up test

  2. Added 44’s to his plank

  3. Added 520m to cooper run test


  1. lost 5.5% body fat

  2. Added 1:13 to plank time

  3. Added 33w to MMP watt bike test


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