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Client of the Month - Sarah Horne

Massive shoutout to our client of the season Sarah Horne

Sarah has been working her socks of as of late. Having trained with us for some years Sarah has always kept herself active however since the pandemic she’s really got into her running. So our focus has switched to improving her running and supplementing her current training.

She completed her first official 10k race back in 2021 and since then has feel in love with it. She most recently smashed her previous best from The Trafford 10k race completing the run in 59min 46sec (38 sec quicker than last time).

Now with our help we’re aiming to get Sarah ready for her next venture… the half marathon. Looking at attempting this around autumn time. So that time has come to work on formulating a tailored periodised plan to suit Sarah’s needs and ensure she’s in peak condition for around October/September time.

We’re already well on track, having done her fitness assessments again this quarter and already seeing significant improvements all round from the beginning of the year. Exciting times ahead, for Sarah, watch the space 👀💪🏼

Keep up the good work 👏🏼!


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