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Client of the month - Peter B

Meet our latest client of the month winner Peter Bootland

Back in April peter set out on his fitness journey with some rather specific, but otherwise rather straightforward and realistic goals. His aim was to return to a 32inch waist, improve his strength, flexibility and fitness all before his 50th birthday. Well safe to say mission accomplished in just 6 months (year and half earlier than he’d anticipated) we have helped him do just that.


Working closely with one of our personal trainers @aidenclowes_fitness Peter has lost a very impressive 9kg, seeing his waist drop from 39 to 32inches. Whilst simultaneously seeing drastic improvements in muscle mass, strength, flexibility and fitness.


Like many of us peters fitness journey started after a period of self reflection where he had become unhappy with his exercise and eating habits. He’d noticed a gradual decline in both his activity levels and motivation to prioritise his health. Kids, work a lack of time many of the same restrictions we all face had stopped Peter reaching his goals. However, since coming to bodypro we have been able to set short realistic targets that have helped incorporate health and fitness into peters routine. We worked on creating good habits so that exercise is now a part of his lifestyle and have done so by guiding Peter through the process providing him with the accountability and knowledge he needed to succeed .

Check out Peters before and after pictures


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