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Client of the Month – Nick and Barry

Nick and Barry are the latest clients of the month after completing The Rat Race Coast to Coast. This consisted of running, kayaking and cycling through some of the toughest, mountainous terrain in Scotland, travelling from the North Sea coast to the Atlantic seaboard… covering a total of 105 miles! The two of them have been training hard in preparation for the event, concentrating on building up distances on the bike, getting up to 30-50 mile bike rides. They also paid particular attention to fell running (hills and mountains). Barry and Nick smashed it in 12 hours! Quote off Ben: “Nick and Barry did fantastically well on completing this event. They put a lot of time and effort into training for it and I’m very pleased with their performance… Well done guys” There are several events going on all the time… some a little less daunting than this. What’s holding you back from doing the next event?


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