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Client of the month – Karen Reynolds

Our client of the month for February is Karen Reynolds. Karen has been training at Bodypro for around 6 years. We feel Karen deserves to be our client of the month for a number of reasons. During the latest lockdown Karen has continued to train X4 a week outside no mater what the weather is like: snow, ice and rain hasn’t stopped her.. Over the last few years Karens training and her commitment and determination has shone through, her dedication has lead her to achieve some great results.

Karen trains with Niall and Craig in our Rochdale studio. Training four times a week means that sessions are split into Upper body, Lower body and general conditioning. Recently training has changed to outside park sessions with minimal equipment.

Niall quote:

“Karen has done really well to keep training during the winter lockdown, it’s really important to keep your training consistent no matter what the circumstances, some days Karen hasn’t felt like training especially outside but she has got herself down to the park in the cold and wet and got her training done”.

Karen’s achievements:

One of the most significant achievements Karen has achieved is going from experiencing pain during body weight squatting to being pain free and adding weight to a barbell. Karen regularly completed challenges in her training including, the 1000 rep challenge / 10 k watt bike rides.

“Training outside during lockdown has been a great way to manage my work and COVID related stress” .

This is a great example of not letting lockdown stop your training. Read Karen’s interview below.

Karen’s interview

What’s your favourite exercise? – I like both Cardio and Weights – I appreciate that we have worked to split the sessions and both my strength and cardio have benefited

What’s your least favourite exercise? – I don’t hate any exercise – however it never ceases to amaze how painful it can be working out with a small red band….

When do you train? – I usually train in the evenings after work but recently I’ve had to train mid afternoon so that it’s light when training in the park.

Reason for training? – I had my daughter (Charlotte) when I was 44 yrs old. I’m motivated to train because I committed to Charlotte to be as fit and healthy as possible / I also love the buzz I get from my sessions and I am really proud of having gone from NO weight training to having achieved some good weights.

What have you achieved training at Bodypro? – I think my progress is good – I appreciate that I haven’t lost weight but I have dropped 2 dress sizes – A new skirt I bought at the weekend is a size 10! Which I’m really pleased with. I also think I do well with training with the issues I have with my knees / sometimes I think my progress is up and down but I think this also can be my mind set!!

How has Bodypro benefited you? – Bodypro has had a MAJOR impact in my life and I would now go as far as saying that I couldn’t live without team Bodypro…… I did fight against Craig / Niall to some extent at first thinking that I wasn’t going to let them dictate what I could or couldn’t do………. Gradually over the years they have impacted more and more – I now think about everything I eat and drink (!!!) – I also log my food daily during the week and have increased my water intake / I also get more sleep. My whole family is now healthier.

What are you treats? – Alcohol, I have a couple of scoops over the weekend … 😊 – up to 2 / 3 yrs also I may have also had a glass of wine on a Wednesday night to break the week up – but not anymore!

How many calories do you eat per day ? – on a training days I eat 1700 calories  – for example I eat Weetabix minis – I slice to toast for breakfast / lunch can be Chicken Soup or Jacket Potato or Pasta / dinner would usually be baked Salmon and Veg – snacks Freddo!! – Crisp bread with banana and Greek Yoghurt with a handful of nuts

Would you recommend Bodypro? – Yes defiantly as it really is a commitment to a change of life – Niall and Craig have worked really hard to get me to see things differently – I also appreciate the way in which they individually plan for Clients its not a one size fits all / also I am grateful for the week they do to help me over come arthritis in the knees.

What is your take home lessons from Bodypro? – enjoy and be proud. Exercise form – is so important and also striking a balance – fitness is a lifestyle.

Well done Karen keep up the good work.


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