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Client of the Month – January 2017 Keeley Collinge

January’s COM goes to Keeley for hitting her weight loss target and some in the time frame she set. Keeley wanted to tone up and lose a little bit of weight. The target for January was to reach 63kg which she managed with ease. She has been doing 2 sessions at Bodypro weekly and 2 home High Intensity interval Training sessions alongside. Keeley sat down with her trainer and they worked out her BMR (calories needed based on her activity levels to still lose weight). From this she used Myfitnesspal app to help track her calories and macronutrients. Keeley has also improved her fitness levels and strength levels at the same time. Stats: Weight: 65.4kg (10stone4lbs)                   61.7kg (9stone10lbs) RHR: 66bpm                                                 58bpm Step Test: 144/104                                     144/92 SU Test: 24                                                   42 Plank: 2min                                                  3min 11sec Dallas Test: 631m                                       701m Plate Press 15kg: 20reps                           43reps Well done Keeley, keep it going!


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