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Client of the month – Barry Houlihon

This month’s client of the month is Barry. Since starting training at Bodypro in September 2016 Barry has made massive improvements. We wanted to highlight some of his achievement. Around Christmas 2016 Barry was determined to make it a “New year New me”. As part of this nutritional changes were made and Alcohol consumption was massively reduced. Since the start of the year Barry has lost 10lb and massively improved his fitness. Bodyfat is down 4.5% overall, Treadmill cooper test is up by 340m, 2 min sit up test is up by 31 reps, and his Heart rate on the step test has dramatically dropped from 146 max 113 recovery to 121 max and 76 recovery. Barry has re-set his goals and now aims to reduce his bodyfat by another 4% and complete some fitness challenges this summer. Well done again Barry, keep up the good work.


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