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Client of The Month – Audrey Walker

Audrey started at Body Pro in April 2016 with the initial aim of losing some weight and improving her general fitness.

After much persuasion Audrey gave in and agreed to set a goal of completing a 10km run.

More recently Audrey has decided that she is going to take on next year’s London Marathon and has started her training towards it over the last few weeks.

Over the last month she has completed not one but four 10km runs, improving her pace each time.

4/9 City of Salford 10km – 1hour 11mins

11/9 Women Running Wythenshawe Park – 1hour 8mins

26/9 Rochdale 10km – 1hour 6mins

2/10 Matalan Merseyside 10km – 1hour 6mins

We would like to congratulate Audrey on her achievements so far during his short time at Bodypro.

Well done!


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