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Client of the Month

This months COM goes to Andrew Kearns. Andrew has been away for four weeks during the summer travelling through South America and on returning to Bodypro has maintained and actually bettered in most cases, his previous assessment results. During his time away, he hasn’t accessed a gym however, he has focused on making sure he was eating the right foods and keeping as active as possible with various different activities including mountain hikes. With the nature of Andrews job, he spends a lot of time sat at a desk, so the reality of this trip away is he was more active there than he is at home day to day which has helped massively in his recent results. The fact that he has been this active during his time away has meant that coming back into training three times a week at Bodypro has been a lot easier than if he had gone away and done nothing. This shows that general activity while you’re on holiday is vital to getting straight back into your training routine when you get home. Well done again Andrew from the Bodypro Team!


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