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BodyPro Client Of The Season

Client of the season Kyle came to BodyPro in September this year asking for our help to get him in better shape for a big family holiday in Florida. He gave us 10 weeks to work with and made some big promises about playing his part in the process. He was given nutritional advice and training programme to complete at the gym as well as attending BodyPro twice per week. Kyle kept his part of the bargain and smashed his 10 week target with a few weeks to spare. He came back from his holidays a few kilo’s heavier, but he also came back with new ambitions and a renewed hunger to achieve his goals. This is historically a make or break point for clients who have achieved/over achieved previously and they can quite easily slip in to old habits or struggle to motivate themselves for their new goals. Kyle is already well on the way to his Christmas goals and when we saw his most recent test results and progress pictures we had no choice but to share his success with everyone else. Kyle is a prime example of what can be achieved in a relatively short period of time with a good plan, motivation and consistency. Well done Kyle, we will keep setting the goals if you keep knocking them down. Date7/8/1610/11/16Weight90.6kg80.6kgBody fat %23%18%Waist circumference109cm92cm1 min Sit up Test19271 min Press up Test2032Cooper Test2030m2360mPlank Test58s3:17Watt Bike MMP152W228WRowing Dallas Test728m799m



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