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Bodypro 2016 Review

2016 Bodypro Review What a year it has been at Bodypro, We are very proud of all of our clients over the last 12 months. Our clients for the season have achieved some amazing results, from completing the London marathon and being the second highest individual fund raiser to loosing 2 stone in a 2 month period. We have gathered together all of the success stories from the last year Our clients of the month   Early on in 2016 Keith Basnett lost 12kgs in 9 weeks by making a massive change to his diet and becoming more consistent with his training. One of our clients of the month progressed on and became our client of the season, Paul Ellis lost 21lbs in the first 2 months of the year. Tehira Choudhry did fantastic completing the Wilmslow half marathon in just over 2 and a half hours. Since this she has set her sights on the London Marathon 2017 and is well under way with her training for that. After some torturous circuit based sessions with us and completing a specialised marathon running programme outside of the gym, Simon Gauge smash the London Marathon in just over 4 hours and raised around £33,000 for MS-UK making him one of the highest individual fundraisers in the whole of the marathon, fantastic effort. Katie B came to us looking for help losing weight after recently having her first baby. Consistency was key with Katie and weight loss was little and often throughout the process. A busy social life and a newly busy home life looking after her daughter as well as getting back to work didn’t stop her and she lost a grand total of 24lbs. Audrey Walker completed 4 10Km runs and knocked 5 mins off her personal best. Audrey has also set her sights on bigger challenges and is also taking on the London Marathon 2017. Client of the Season Our first client of the season was Paul Ellis who from the turn of the year lost over 2 stone in weight. He was a client of the month but we thought he deserved more recognition for making such a big lifestyle change after struggling with his weight and activity levels for years. Our second client of the season was Nick Morgan. During the summer Nick completed an Olympic distance triathlon for the first time in just over 4 hours. Nick followed a specific triathlon programme including swimming sessions, brick sessions and individualised circuits to improve his lower body conditioning. Nick has set himself the mammoth task, at some point in the future, of taking part in an Iron Man!!. In Autumn Kyle came to us asking for help losing weight prior to a big family wedding abroad, he exceeded the original target we set him in the 12 week period and in the end lost a very impressive 10kg. He also lost 10% bodyfat and totally changed his body shape. He also smashed all of his fitness tests and continues to progress. Well done Kyle. Our Winter Client of the season is currently being debated. To the clients listed above and to all the other clients we see week in week out we look forward to 2017 and seeing what you can achieve in the next 12 months.


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