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Bodypro 2015 Client Achievement Award – Frank Smith

Bodypro 2015 client achievement We cannot let Frank Smiths achievements in 2015 go unnoticed so we have decided to honour these achievements with the first ever Bodypro special achievement Award. Franks Statistics Between January 1st and October 15th Frank has covered 6578 miles and is on target of reaching his goal of 8000 miles for 2015. He has climbed 338,635ft over the 6578 miles and the total time is 359 hours with an average speed of 18mph. His longest ride so far this year was 202 miles in 11.5 hours. He also completed a charity ride for one of the riders’ partner who has Cancer, it was called “From Dusk Till Dawn”, which started at 11pm and finished at 7:30am. It was a 130 mile ride from Morecambe to Bridlington, on a direct main road route. His fastest ride for 100 miles on the roads was a ride to Southport and back where he averaged 21mph and 280w for 4h 19 minutes. Franks weekly schedule His training times, distances and frequency change with the seasons, weather and daylight etc. Throughout the summer months he averaged 250 miles a week, which consists of 2 main ride days, Tuesday and Saturday, he is up up at 5 – 5.30am and can be out on the bike for up to 7 or even 8 hours dependent upon the routs and the distance. He usually does between 75 and 125 miles on Tuesday / Saturday between the months of April and October. Also during the spring / summer months he goes out early before work on Thursday and Fridays covering between 30 and 40 miles. Wednesdays are normally his “Legs day” at Bodypro. Rest days through Summer are Sunday and Monday and occasional Thursdays or Friday, one or the other. Franks fitness test results Watt Bike 3 minute MMP test: 480w 10 mile time trials: PB of 399w which he did on Levens 10 Mile TT in May 2015 Frank broke the East Lancs Club record which had been previously held for over 25 years with 10 miles in 21 mins and 52 seconds. “On a recent Ramp Test at Bodypro I managed a PB reaching and holding 460w for the final minute of a 12 minute test. All thanks to the amazing training at Bodypro, giving me the motivation, drive and fitness to improve”. Franks goal for 2016 is to consistently hold 400w for 20 minutes and doing a sub 20 minute 10 mile TT which would mean an average speed of 30mph. We would like to congratulate Frank on this year’s achievements and wish him the best of luck with reaching his goals in 2016. Some pictures of Frank and his best friend

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