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2015 at Bodypro

What a great year its been at Bodypro. So many clients have done really well and acheived some amazing things. We have compiled a list of some of our clients acheivements over the last 12 months (inluding our clients of the month and clients of the season) 2015 Overview 1st Bodypro special achievement Award: Frank Smith… • Frank cycled 8000miles in 2015. • Frank also broke the East Lanc’s Club record which had been previously held for over 25 years with 10 miles in 21 mins and 52 seconds.

Clients of the Seasons 2015 Steve and Faye • Steve has lost a stone, doubled his plank test and reduced his resting heart rate by 8 beats per min. • Faye has gone from not being able to run to being able to complete the 12 min run, covering almost 1 mile. • Both have improved their lifestyle and feel much healthier. Guinevere Schofield • Lost 3% Bodyfat whilst gaining lean muscle weight • Manchester 10KM Run 1:08:00, • Great North ½ mile Swim 30:51, • Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge 11:20:00. Sharron Psaila • Lost 2 stone in weight • Reduced her bodyfat by 10% • Reduced her waist circumference by 15cm • Improved her Treadmill Cooper test by 740m Just to list a few Clients of the Month 2015 Sue Wren: Sue managed to reach a 10lb loss in weight during the month of February with 70% of that being a loss in bodyfat. Gavin Loughead: Since the New Year, Gavin managed to lose 13lbs. Ben Taylor: Ben’s effort during the month of April has definitely paid dividends. He has completed 11 training sessions in the studio and has also completed weekly runs. He has lost 8lbs in weight and proved that hard work pays off. Emma Croft: Emma achieved a 5lbs weight loss, lost 3 inches from her waist circumference, lowered her heart rate during the 3 min YMCA step test by 20bpm, doubled her 1 min sit up test score from 15to 30 and improved her Treadmill Cooper test score by 10%. Danielle Smith made great progress with her weight loss goal and has now lost 1 and a ½ stone since she started at Bodypro. Aisha lost 16 lbs in weight, lost 20cm from her circumference, lowered her heart rate during the 3 min YMCA step test by 18bpm, improved on her plank test by 35 seconds and improved her Treadmill Cooper test score by 10%. James Karballey. James achieved his first podium finish in round 27 of the 2015 MSA FORMULA CHAMPIONSHIP at Silverstone. Curtis Patrick. Curtis’s lost 17lbs in weight and proved that hard work and small lifestyle changes pay off. We would like to take this opportunity to say well done to all Bodypro clients over 2015. It has been a pleasure to work with you all.


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