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Client of the Season

Client of the Season goes to Joanne Sizer.

Joanne’s goals when she first came to us were to get stronger and see some steady progression with her training. She had intentions of getting to a 100kg 1 rep max on her Squats and the same with her Deadlift.

When we first had a look at Joanne’s training routine it was apparent the type of training she was doing may not have been helping her move in the right direction in terms of her goals. We condensed her training down into Full body focused sessions instead of the traditional body part split style of training. This allowed us to concentrate on training her lifts and technique as opposed to focusing on trying to fatigue a particular body part. This has worked well, as we have been able to see some steady progression most weeks.

Alongside this, late last year we had a chat with Jo about her macros and tracking her calories properly to make sure she was fuelling her training sessions appropriately. We worked out a baseline number and spoke about how to adapt this over time to be able to reduce a little bit of bodyfat but maintain high energy levels to work on her strength training.

Jo got this spot on and has been able to manipulate her calories to suit her needs. Initially she had to increase calories, which I think most people would agree being able to eat more food is a nice problem to have.

Jo spends a lot of her day at a desk therefore inactivity can be a problem. We tried not to put pressure on doing more cardio in the gym but focus on activity levels outside of daily routine. She now focuses on hitting her 10k steps on a daily basis and has found this has helped massively.

Currently, Jo trains twice at Bodypro. She does an early morning Strength based session and a Condition session later in the week. Outside of this she does her own Resistance based sessions at the gym, walks where she can and then gives herself a rest day. She is still able to eat foods she likes and socialises at a weekend.

As you can see from the results table below, the numbers are well over 12months apart. However, the goal was steady progression and the chances of her keeping bodyfat levels lower and the increase in strength are far greater than they would potentially be over a shorter period of time.

As Jo’s training evolved so did the type of testing we did with her. The 1rep max tests were introduced this year and this has allowed us to be a lot more specific with her resistance work. As you can see she has hit the numbers mentioned above, so this now needs revisiting and some new goals need to be set.

I feel there is definitely more progression to come for her. The bonus is she has been patient with everything and bought into the idea a long-term strategy.

Well done Joanne from the Bodypro Team!!2/5/1721/8/18WeightDown by 6.1kg / 13.4lbsBF% 32.1BF% 28.3Circumferences

Hip – 104cm

Waist – 77cm

Chest – 88cm

Arms – 31.5cmCircumferences

Hip – 96.5cm

Waist – 70.5cm

Chest – 87cm

Arms – 26.5cmSit Up Test (2min) 27rSit Up Test (2min) 42rPlank Test – 1:31Plank Test – 4:00Bench Press 1RM (Did not do)Bench Press 1RM – 50kgInverted Row Test – 18repsInverted Row Test – 35repsPull Up Test (Did not do)Pull Up Test unassisted – 6repsSquat 1RM (Did not do)Squat 1RM – 100kgOverhead Press 1RM (did not do)Overhead Press 1RM – 40kgDeadlift 1RM (did not do)Deadlift 1RM – 102.5kg #Fitness #Bodypro #personaltraining #strength #studio #Client #conditioning

Client of the Season goes to Joanne Sizer. Joanne’s goals when she first came to us were to get stronger and see some steady progression...

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