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Choose Discipline Instead Of Relying On Motivation

In the early days of being a personal trainer you think it’s about motivating clients, teaching them proper exercise technique, and giving them a perfect regimen with diet etc. What personal trainers end up realizing is how short lived clients follow that. What do you do when you aren’t in the mood, or don’t have a motivational speech to watch on YouTube? Motivation is what you seek out when you don’t have the tools necessary to change your mindset. It’s much more of a psychological game than it first appears. Motivation can only last so long. You can watch a thousand videos on your Instagram feed, but what did you actually teach yourself to walk away with when you have to go on your own? Are you motivated to brush your teeth or go to work everyday? Or is it a DISCIPLINE that you’ve put into place in order to succeed in life? DISCIPLINE To put it simply, everyone knows what they NEED to be doing (eat less, exercise more, etc.) but we rely too much on motivation. If we look at those succeeding it’s because they’re consistent. They follow through with ideas, they experiment and fail and then try something else. They don’t assume they have the end result before they’ve even tried. We’ve had clients with zero knowledge of fitness but a better mindset, which way out-perform the clients who try to show how much they knew already. Also, it doesn’t mean to always go HARD and be on point. It’s knowing how to assess each day based on how you are feeling. Don’t get us wrong, motivational videos aren’t bad, it just won’t be what gets you to success and happiness. It’s your HABITS and DISCIPLINE done CONSISTENTLY that creates SUCCESS. Changing your habits and outlook on each day and focusing on what small behavior changes will get you closer TO the goal.
You are probably going to have more days where you don’t feel like doing what you have to. So if you know that how do you plan for it? Create a discipline where you’re focusing on the skills you think will be valuable that day to get you closer to where you want to be. It allows you to keep consistent while still making progress. For example, if you were supposed to lift hard but feel tight, work on mobility that day! Not sure what discipline to choose? Simply get in touch with us and get yourself an initial session booked in. During which you’ll have an in depth chat with one of our experienced and caring personal trainers about your goals and how we can develop you with a plan to help get you on the right path towards achieving your goals.

In the early days of being a personal trainer you think it’s about motivating clients, teaching them proper exercise technique, and...

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