Client of the month - Peter B

Meet our latest client of the month winner Peter Bootland Back in April peter set out on his fitness journey with some rather specific, but otherwise rather straightforward and realistic goals. His aim was to return to a 32inch waist, improve his strength, flexibility and fitness all before his 50th birthday. Well safe to say mission accomplished in just 6 months (year and half earlier than he’d anticipated) we have helped him do just that. - Working closely with one of our personal trainers @aidenclowes_fitness Peter has lost a very impressive 9kg, seeing his waist drop from 39 to 32inches. Whilst simultaneously seeing drastic improvements in muscle mass, strength, flexibility and fitness. - Like many of us peters fitness journey started after a period of self reflection where he had become unhappy with his exercise and eating habits. He’d noticed a gradual decline in both his activity levels and motivation to prioritise his health. Kids, work a lack of time many of the same restrictions we all face had stopped Peter reaching his goals. However, since coming to bodypro we have been able to set short realistic targets that have helped incorporate health and fitness into peters routine. We worked on creating good habits so that exercise is now a part of his lifestyle and have done so by guiding Peter through the process providing him with the accountability and knowledge he needed to succeed . Check out Peters before and after pictures

What cardio should I be doing for fat loss?

HIIT VS LISS debate and which should you be doing for fat loss?

Well before we can decide we need to take a look at the differences amongst the two styles

HIIT training also known as High intensity interval training is defined as short bursts of high intensity exercise combined with periods of lower intensity, between intervals. An example would be a 10-30 second sprint at maximal effort, then a light pace jog for 2 minutes, which would then be repeated for the desired number of intervals.

Well before we can decide we need to take a look at the differences amongst the two styles

HIIT training also known as High intensity interval training is defined as short bursts of high intensity exercise combined with periods of lower intensity, between intervals. An example would be a 10-30 second sprint at maximal effort, then a light pace jog for 2 minutes, which would then be repeated for the desired number of intervals.

Low intensity steady state training or it’s abbreviation (LISS) is where you perform aerobic at a Low to moderate intensity exercise that remains at a steady state throughout without the use of maximal bursts or changes in intensity. A good example of LISS would be maintaining a steady paced walk for a desired time period (Commonly somewhere between 30-60 minutes).

So know we know the difference what does the research suggest? Well it was thought for many years that LISS training was the most effective method for fat loss, due to its ability to burn fat for fuel during exercise. In contrast, HIIT training has been shown to use more carbohydrate stores for fuel. Research now suggests that what substrate you are burning within your session actually matters less and what is more important is what happens to fat balance over a 24 hour period [4]. This has seen an increasing trend over recent years in favour of HIIT training. It is often said, that HIIT training burns more calories faster. However, according to the research this may not be strictly true.

The premise is based on what is known as the ‘Post exercise oxygen consumption’ (EPOC). The belief is that if you train at higher intensities within your session you will burn more fat in the hours after your training, due to increased oxygen consumption, which is an adaptation that does not occur from LISS methods of cardio. Nevertheless a number of studies have shown that the effects of ‘EPOC’ is unlikely to account for any greater fat loss [2].

Studies by Laforgia et al, (2006) [3] and Wewege et al (2017) [5] reported similar findings. Laforgia reported that effects of EPOC after an 80 minute HIIT workout lasted for 7 hours, but those 7 hours only equated to 80 extra calories burned. Whereas Wewege found no significant difference in calories burned between HIIT vs moderate continuous training (otherwise known as LISS training).

So given the research there seems to be little to separate the two modalities. I suggest that providing you are recovering sufficiently, to choose which ever method fits around your routine and lifestyle best and gives you the most enjoyment. After all consistency is key.

Remember that whichever approach you choose, whether it be HIIT or LISS, cardio should not be the main driver for fat loss. It can be used to assist however diet and a calorie deficit should be the key variables. [1]. References:

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2. KEATING, S., JOHNSON, N., MIELKE, G. AND COOMBES, J, 2017. A systematic review and meta-analysis of interval training versus moderate-intensity continuous training on body adiposity. Obesity Reviews, 18(8), pp.943-964. [Available at]:[Accessed 10 Dec. 2018].

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This weeks recipe comes from our latest book review the Genius Kitchen by Max Lugavere. He's put together a convenient lamb dish, that is both easy to cook and clean up. Tasty and low in calories, this classic roast lamb is perfect for cooking in batch or serving as health tea the whole family will enjoy. You'll need: 8 cloves of garlic 2 tablespoons of fresh rosemary leaves 2 tablespoons of fresh thyme leaves zest of lemon and orange 1 teaspoon of ground pepper 1 teaspoon of coriander 11/2 teaspoons of salt (divided) 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard 1.6kg of leg of lamb 6 cups of broccoli bite-sized florets (11/2 large heads) 1.5kg of sweet potato (peeled and cubed) Amounts above serves 8 portions. 1 portion contains 586kcal with 43g of Protein, 45g Carbs and 26g of Fat. To cook preheat oven to 170 degrees celsius. Line a roasting pan with foil for convince when cleaning. Then using a blender blits together 4 cloves of garlic, the rosemary, thyme, lemon and orange zests, coriander, pepper, 1 teaspoon of the salt and the mustard to form a smooth paste. Once that's done and the oven is ready place the leg of lamb fat side up. Using sharp knife score the fat by making shallow cuts all over. Rub the paste onto the lamb coving as much of expose area as evenly as possible. Leave to cook for around 1 1/2 to 2hrs. Whilst that's cooking, thinly slice the remaining garlic. Once cooked remove the lamb from the pan, tent with foil and allow to rest ensuring to turn the oven up to 200 degrees. Once the oven is up to temperature place the broccoli, sweet potatoes and garlic in the roasting pan and leave to cook for 15-20mins until tender in the middle and crispy on the edges. Bon Appetit :D.

What is the Best Workout Routine?

The best workout routine is – first and foremost – one that includes regular strength training. Cardio can be a part of your workout routine but, for the best results, you need to do it in a way that keeps your body guessing. Before you choose your next workout routine, it is essential that you learn the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind the best programs. A solid understanding of how the different ways of working out impact your body will help you recognize workout programs that will provide you with the results you want. Strength Training The best workout routine for will always include strength training. Strength training will increase your muscle mass, improve your metabolism, and help you develop the physique you desire. The female body is not HIIT HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. HIIT training can be considered cardio because of the impact that it has on your heartrate. This type of training involves short windows of time where you move through a A Program That Fits Around Your Life Ultimately, the best workout routine for you is the one that you can fit around your life. If you need to workout at home while your kids nap, a There is no one-size-fits-all workout routine that everyone should do. The reality is that some people can get to the gym while others need to workout at home with minimal equipment. As long as the workout routine you choose has a foundation of strength training, you will see results. You can add in other elements to your workouts based on your preferences, but strength training is the key to reaching and maintaining your fitness goals. Still Unsure What’s Best For Your Workout Routine? Simply get in touch with us and get yourself an initial session booked in. During your initial session one of our highly experienced personal trainers will have an in depth chat about your goals and help you to figure out what kind of workout routine would best suit you.

The All Or Nothing Mentality

ALL OR NOTHING = “having no middle position or compromise available” 🤔We really think that definition of ALL OR NOTHING says it all.. Let us cut it down further for you.. ‼️HAVING NO COMPROMISE AVAILABLE‼️ What does that sentence above speak out to you❓ 👇🏽Comment below your thoughts👇🏽 Here’s what “HAVING NO COMPROMISE AVAILABLE” speaks to us: Being unrealistic Not allowing for mistakes Not allowing for learning Not allowing yourself to be kind to yourself Being way too strict (like we’re at school or something) Beating yourself up mentally Being stuck in a vicious cycle Always starting over and over again with a new diet or training programme Would you agree⁉️ Yet do you find yourself often falling into this ALL OR NOTHING game with yourself? Have you ever won this game❓ Hmmmm.. We didn’t think so!! It’s time to snap out of it! And instead COMPROMISE and HAVE A MIDDLE POSITION when it comes to the weekends with your exercise and healthy eating. Or when you miss a workout. Or when you have to get a lunch on the go one time in a busy week. Sometimes its OK to compromise. This is EXACTLY what we coach our ALL OR NOTHING clients. So that instead they can: Be realistic Make mistakes and learn from them Be kind to themselves Be lenient with themselves Be nice to themselves Finally snap out of that vicious cycle of ALL OR NOTHING And stop starting over and over again Improving both their physical and mental health in the process Comment below with an emoji to describe your ALL OR NOTHING habit 👇🏽😁🥵🤨🤤👇🏽 If this is something you know you constantly struggle with, simply get in touch with us and lets have a chat about the vicious cycle you keep finding yourself in each week 📱 ☎️ 📞

Mental Health; What’s Your Outlet?

Last week was mental health awareness week, so after hearing multiple personal stories across a variety of platforms (such as TalkSPORT, Instagram and Apple podcasts) we thought it would be fitting for one of our Personal Trainers to share their experiences with how fitness has helped them with their mental heath over this tough, past year or so. I can remember so clearly when the pandemic was kicking off. It was the night it got announced on the news that gyms had to close, that night. I was absolutely devastated. I’d built up my client base from nothing This was at the gym where I worked before working for BodyPro, by the way. Little did I know, that night would be my last ever shift working at that gym, with a 10pm finish, a visit off the police to ensure we would be closing for good for the unforeseeable. The next morning, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. It was a Saturday, so I was used to having some clients regularly at that time. So I tried to take my mind off things and went for a dog walk around Ogden reservoir. Halfway around the reservoir I noticed my breathing getting really heavy. I was not taking my mind off things, all I did on that walk was constantly worry myself about what the hell I was going to do to get by without being able to train my clients in person. The deeper into those thoughts I went the harder and harder it became to breathe. So I called my mum to see what to do. I have asthma so she was worried if I had contracted COVID-19 that it was affecting that. So I did what she recommended and called the emergency NHS number, who advised me to self isolate for the next 14 days as well as whoever I lived with too. The dog walk swiftly got cancelled as I rushed the dogs and myself back to my car and got us home ASAP. Once I got back home, I’d noticed my tight chest had calmed down. But the thoughts of worrying about my circumstances certainly didn’t. And when I focused on them alone I then just wanted to go to bed to sleep away the worries. 2 full days in bed later, I was back in the land of the conscious. I don’t know if I had COVID-19 over those 2 days or if I’d had a panic attack or what. But I do know that the worrying was not helping. I’d probably not worked out for the best part of a week, since my last spinning class the previous Wednesday. So with the gorgeous whether we were having during that first lockdown, (remember that?) I got all my weights and home gym equipment and got cracking on with a full body workout. I trained for about 2 hours that first session. It absolutely smashed me in. But the euphoria I felt during and after that workout was nothing short of game-changing. Following on from that euphoric feeling, a week later and I’d done x3 workouts.. that’s it, I was hooked. For the rest of that first lockdown, I continued to workout 3,4 sometimes 5 times per week. I even did a handful of all day workouts, doing a set of exercises on the hour every hour for 8-10 hours. That first workout helped transform my mindset. Instead of worrying about what I was missing out on, I focused on how I could utilise all of the spare time I suddenly was gifted thanks to that first lockdown. I was instead being more present and enjoying spending more time with my girlfriend and my animals in the home and going for extra long dog walks together in that gorgeous weather. Working out almost every other day helped provide me with something to look forward to. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was regularly watching the news, daily, which was only adding fuel to the fire of worry in my mind. Each workout watered down that fire of worry. If it wasn’t for exercise, working out, lifting weights, however you want to word it, I don’t know how deep down the hole of depression I would have ended up during that lockdown. Mental Health Awareness is going to be of massive importance as we come out of this pandemic situation. If you have things going on, it really does help to share those thoughts with somebody, even if it is just for them to listen to you, it’ll help massively. Please don’t struggle in silence. Let’s all get through this together! Let us know in the comments below what has helped get you through this last year or so.. what has been your outlet? Have a great day!

Client of the month – Jodie and Emma

This month’s recognition goes to Jodie & Emma for their current progress check. Jodie & Emma started training at the end of March (16 weeks out from a wedding abroad) with the goal of improving body composition and generally feeling better whilst away on holiday. Eating habits prior to starting were not great so setting a platform with their nutrition was key to making their training sessions as productive as they could be and help them accelerate the results they are after long term. To be fair they’ve stuck to it and are managing to stay consistent with this so far, still allowing for foods they enjoy. We tasked them with increasing general activity; getting out for a walk daily or failing that a weekly step target to hit. They are also in the gym 2-3 times a week following a progressive resistance training programme. Based on the initial goal of improving aesthetics the main thing we looked at was body composition more importantly their bodyfat % 4.5weeks in and skinfold results show Emma has managed to reduce her reading by just over 2% and Jodie 1.5%. This is while maintaining a very similar bodyweight from when they started just over 4 weeks ago. As training intensity starts to ramp up now and the time frame they have to work with, we look forward to seeing what the results will look like towards the back end of this journey. Well done girls, keep it going!

Choose Discipline Instead Of Relying On Motivation

In the early days of being a personal trainer you think it’s about motivating clients, teaching them proper exercise technique, and giving them a perfect regimen with diet etc. What personal trainers end up realizing is how short lived clients follow that. What do you do when you aren’t in the mood, or don’t have a motivational speech to watch on YouTube? Motivation is what you seek out when you don’t have the tools necessary to change your mindset. It’s much more of a psychological game than it first appears. Motivation can only last so long. You can watch a thousand videos on your Instagram feed, but what did you actually teach yourself to walk away with when you have to go on your own? Are you motivated to brush your teeth or go to work everyday? Or is it a DISCIPLINE that you’ve put into place in order to succeed in life? DISCIPLINE To put it simply, everyone knows what they NEED to be doing (eat less, exercise more, etc.) but we rely too much on motivation. If we look at those succeeding it’s because they’re consistent. They follow through with ideas, they experiment and fail and then try something else. They don’t assume they have the end result before they’ve even tried. We’ve had clients with zero knowledge of fitness but a better mindset, which way out-perform the clients who try to show how much they knew already. Also, it doesn’t mean to always go HARD and be on point. It’s knowing how to assess each day based on how you are feeling. Don’t get us wrong, motivational videos aren’t bad, it just won’t be what gets you to success and happiness. It’s your HABITS and DISCIPLINE done CONSISTENTLY that creates Changing your habits and outlook on each day and focusing on what small behavior changes will get you closer TO the goal. You are probably going to have more days where you don’t feel like doing what you have to. So if you know that how do you plan for it? Create a discipline where you’re focusing on the skills you think will be valuable that day to get you closer to where you want to be. It allows you to keep consistent while still making progress. For example, if you were supposed to lift hard but feel tight, work on mobility that day! Not sure what discipline to choose? Simply get in touch with us and get yourself an initial session booked in. During which you’ll have an in depth chat with one of our experienced and caring personal trainers about your goals and how we can develop you with a plan to help get you on the right path towards achieving your goals.

Goals, Motivation and Tactics for Change

If you have vague goals for your health and fitness, there’s a really good chance they will create vague results for you. GET MORE SPECIFIC with your health & fitness goal(s) and then you can get more specific with how to keep yourself motivated, knowing what tactics you need to do to ensure change happens in the direction you actually want! The Goal What are you trying to change about yourself? What observable actions will let you know you’ve succeeded? The Motivation What are the emotions you can amplify, the connections you can make that will cause someone to do something they’ve hesitated to do in the past (change)? The motivation isn’t the point, it’s the lever that helps you cause the change you seek. The Tactics What are the actions you take that cause the strategy to work? What are the exercises, workouts and nutrition implementations that, when done together, comprise your plan? If all of the above seems WAY too complex to do yourself. Then let us do the investigating for you and get yourself an initial session booked in with one of our personal trainers. Then we can help determine what your goal is, how to keep you motivated and get you a plan put in place to achieve your goal.

The 8 Best Resistance Training Exercises

STICK TO THE BASICS Whether you are new to working out, or have been lifting for years, the compound exercises are always going to be your best bet. Compound exercises are going to be the movements that stimulate multiple muscles at once, and allow the greatest load to be placed on the body. The beauty of this is you are stimulating more than just one muscle, and giving it a stress that forces the body to adapt. The 8 Best Resistance Training Exercises Chest = Flat Bench Press & Incline Bench Press Back = Pull-Up/Chin-Up, Bent Over Row & Deadlift Legs = Squats, Lunges & Deadlift Shoulders = Overhead Shoulder Press This is by no means an exhaustive list, or the ONLY exercises you should be doing. Think of structuring your workout with these 8 exercises as a set of tools to get the job done (gain muscle & lost fat). Find the most bang for your buck exercises that hit the most muscles. If after that you find certain areas are lagging behind, or smaller muscles are holding you back from progressing from the bigger movements, then can you add in more. You don’t have to be doing bicep curls, lateral raises, and skullcrushers especially if you only want to get strong and healthy overall. PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD The reason we emphasize compound movements is from a stimulation point of view. If you don’t care much for working out and you’re only doing it for the health aspect, or just wanted to be efficient with your time in the gym, which would you rather do? A bicep curl that will help your biceps grow and that’s about it, or a pull-up which will stimulate the biceps as well as the rhomboids, lats, and entire musculature of your back? It’s about working out smarter not harder toward your goal(s). NEED FURTHER HELP? If you’re not sure how to put together these best 8 resistance training exercises into a workout for yourself, or you’re unsure what weights to start with. Simply get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to help develop you your own personalised plan based on your unique health and fitness goal(s). We’ll also help you to perform each of these exercises as safely as possible and with the correct form to ensure you build high quality muscle and get stronger progressively over time.

Why Lifting Will Help You Lose Fat

One of the most common questions we get asked is usually along the lines of, “which type of exercise is THE best?”. We understand why everyone wants to know the answer to this. Most people aren’t “in love” with exercising (if they were, they would probably working in the gym with us), and most people don’t have loads of disposable time throughout their week. People want to be fit, healthy, strong, capable, and lean but they don’t want to waste time exercising in a way that isn’t effective or efficient. Considering the context of life in modern societies, and add in the current health issues that plague people, such as diabetes, cancer, obesity and mental health issues, the most effective form of exercise is easy to distinguish. Resistance training (lifting) HAS to take the honor as being THE best. Resistance training is a form of exercise that includes weight lifting, body weight training, resistance bands and kettlebells. It can loosely be defined as “exercising with resistance with the main goal and purpose of building muscle and strength.” You may be thinking to yourself “but my goal is to just improve my health and lose weight” or “I don’t really care about building a lot of muscle.” Before you write resistance training off, keep reading. Below we will highlight the reasons why resistance training simply is THE best method of exercise for most people. FIRST LET US PAINT A PICTURE OF MODERN LIFE 🎨 If you live in a first world society, you likely have a set of challenges that need to be considered. They are: Your life is VERY BUSY. Your schedule is jam packed with commitments ranging from work to family 😖 Your life is VERY SEDENTARY. Modern societies have done an amazing job of making life physically easy. We sit MOST of the time. Even though we are awake for 16-18 hours a day, the average person cumulatively only walks about an hour to two all day 🪑 You are SURROUNDED BY tasty, easy and cheap FOOD. Modern societies have done such an amazing job at creating food that we are far more likely to die of too much food as Vs too little. You can get on an app and have almost any food you desire delivered to your door for a very affordable price and within minutes 🍕 Considering the points above, you need a form of exercise that is effective in a short period of time. And, you need a form of exercise that can mitigate the consequences of not moving much and being around easy and tasty food. One strategy might be to burn as many calories as possible through super intense cardio workouts. The problem with that option is just how ineffective it actually is. A good and hard 1-hour workout MIGHT help you burn 400-500 calories. Once the workout is finished, the extra calorie burn is over. Also, consider that you would have to do that every single day in order to really make a dent. Finally, the biggest consideration is understanding how the body learns to adapt to those kinds of workouts. Your body learns to get better at whatever workout you do. Getting good at endurance (which cardio workouts train) means your body learns to burn less calories to become efficient. And, since endurance workouts don’t require much strength, you can also lose muscle. Studies show that weight loss from diet plus cardio results in more than half of the weight coming from muscle. That means your body learns to burn LESS calories over time. Not a good thing for successful, sustainable fat loss 🥵 Another strategy is to teach your body to burn more calories on its own 🥳 HOW DO WE DO THIS?.. By building muscle! 💪🏽 With resistance training you are primarily asking your body to become stronger and, since muscle is a very active and calorie hungry tissue, your The best part is that resistance training doesn’t need to be done every day to be effective. In fact, for most people, daily resistance training would be ineffective. For the majority of people who are looking for a fit, healthy body with a faster metabolism, 2-3 days a week of 45-60 minute resistance training workouts is more than enough. MINIMAL TIME, MAXIMAL RESULTS The metabolism boosting effect also keeps ramping up the longer you are consistent. This makes resistance training perfect for long term results. You also sculpt your body and make it firmer and stronger. Eat more, stay leaner and look fit with minimal time. Nothing can do this quite as effectively as resistance training 🏋🏽‍♀️

Consistency.. The 🔑 To Successful Fat Loss

Consistency truly is the key. Just staying consistent with your training and eating habits; chipping away at them bit by bit, week by week is simply a matter of keeping your promise to yourself of that one choice you made.. to be consistent with yourself. If you struggle to stay consistent with your training, here are some of our top tips that’ll help.. HAVE A MENTOR 💡 Let’s start with an obvious one, having a PT. Having those 1, 2 or 3 sessions a week pre-booked into your diary keeps you accountable and ensures consistency at the highest level! HAVE SOME EQUIPMENT AT HOME 🏠 Whenever the excuse of lack of time crops up, seeing that kettlebell propped up against a door or that pull up bar in the spare bedroom can act as a reminder to just do at least 1 set of exercises right then, which can easily lead to 2 sets, and 3 sets and then a full mini workout! PREPARE & PLAN 📝 If you are super busy all day most days and get to the end of your day only to realise you’ve not yet managed to get a workout in, planning into your diary/calendar and exact time to do your workout can definitely help with this! Even if it means getting one planned in first thing in the morning before the madness of your day takes over. Need help planning a workout or staying consistent with your training?.. 👇🏽Comment below👇🏽 why you’re struggling or simply get in touch with us 📞 and we’ll be happy to help 😊 Thanks for reading

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