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Client of the season- Terry

Terry came to Bodypro beginning of November with the goal of losing some weight, improving general fitness and improving strength. after overcoming her barriers of low self-esteem and confidence, and a little help with her understand the importance of calorie counting and improving activity levels, Terri is now consistently training at Bodypro twice a week plus training 2-3 times outside of Bodypro and reaches her calorie goal from day to day Terri has lost a stone in weight and is feeling much better within herself and still lives a normal lifestyle with a holiday to Spain and over family commitments. 18/10/17 Weight-93.2kg Circumferences- ·        Hip-123.5cm ·        Waist-114cm ·        Chest-110cm ·        Arms-32cm ·        Thighs-67cm Step test- 164bpm/138bpm Sit ups-20r Press ups-15r Cooper test- 1.15km Plank-(extended arm)-1 min Dallas test-692m Watt bike mmp-1601m TRX rows-14r Squat-32r (technique bar) 3-3-18 Weight- 86.1kg Circumferences- ·        Hip-116.5cm ·        Waist-115.5cm ·        Chest-105cm ·        Arms-30cm ·        Thighs-64.5cm Step test-146/116 Sit ups-40r Press ups-26r Cooper test-1.4km Plank 1.04 (on elbows) Dallas test-738m Wattbike-1658m TRX row-20r Squat-30r Olympic bar

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Bodypro is an independent PT company with two studios in Rochdale & Bolton established 2004.