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Client of the month – Jodie and Emma

This month’s recognition goes to Jodie & Emma for their current progress check. Jodie & Emma started training at the end of March (16 weeks out from a wedding abroad) with the goal of improving body composition and generally feeling better whilst away on holiday.

Eating habits prior to starting were not great so setting a platform with their nutrition was key to making their training sessions as productive as they could be and help them accelerate the results they are after long term. To be fair they’ve stuck to it and are managing to stay consistent with this so far, still allowing for foods they enjoy. We tasked them with increasing general activity; getting out for a walk daily or failing that a weekly step target to hit. They are also in the gym 2-3 times a week following a progressive resistance training programme. Based on the initial goal of improving aesthetics the main thing we looked at was body composition more importantly their bodyfat % 4.5weeks in and skinfold results show Emma has managed to reduce her reading by just over 2% and Jodie 1.5%. This is while maintaining a very similar bodyweight from when they started just over 4 weeks ago. As training intensity starts to ramp up now and the time frame they have to work with, we look forward to seeing what the results will look like towards the back end of this journey.

Well done girls, keep it going!


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