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Induction questionnaire

Please complete the questions below so we're able to provide you with the most appropriate training whilst keeping you safe! 

Thanks for submitting!

What do you want to achieve with Bodypro?
How important is it for you to succeed in your goals?
How committed are you to achieving your goals?
What other barrier may prevent you from achieving your goals?
How would you rate your current eating habits?
Do you smoke?
How stressful would you consider your life to be?
How much time do you spend in a seated position per day? (At the office, at home on the couch, in the car/trai, other home duties etc.).
How many cups of coffee do you consume each day?
How many cups of tea do you consume each day?
How would you rate your knowledge around nutrition & calories?tion
Would you like any advice or support on ways your diet can help you achieve your goals?
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