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Healthy Snacks – Protein Balls

Protein balls Ive tried lots of protein bars and snacks but they all seem to either be full of sugar, bulking agents or other rubbish. So what is the best option…….. Make your own. Over there next few weeks I’ll give you some recipes to try out. Protein balls Ingredients 80g Almond butter 2 scoops of Whey protein powder (flavour of your choice) 8 heaped tablespoons of oatmeal Splash of milk And topping of your choice. Method Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl until it binds. Separate into x6 and make a ball with the mixture. Role your protein balls in whatever topping you want. Desiccated coconut, mixed nuts, Linwoods mix, sesame seeds, cacao powder, chai seeds etc Macros Kals 185 Protein 14.3g Carbohydrates 10.8g Fat 8.3g Note the fat content is from the almond butter (nut) therefore unsaturated fat (good fat)


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