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Client of the Season goes to Joanne Sizer. Joanne’s goals when she first came to us were to get stronger and see some steady progression with her training. She had intentions of getting to a 100kg 1 rep max on her

This months COM goes to Andrew Kearns. Andrew has been away for four weeks during the summer travelling through South America and on returning to Bodypro has maintained and actually bettered in most cases, his previous assessment results. During his time

This months COM award goes to Neil Haddock Neil came to Body Pro with intentions of improving his general fitness and overhauling some unhealthy eating habits. Upon doing his assessments recently, Neil has improved all his fitness test results. He has done this

Our Client of the Month is Audrey Walker. Audrey completed this year’s London Marathon and raised money for NSPCC. She has struggled with a slipped disc in her back and plantar fasciitis in her foot, making it hard for her

Client of the season Kyle came to BodyPro in September this year asking for our help to get him in better shape for a big family holiday in Florida. He gave us 10 weeks to work with and made some big

The Deadlift               Why deadlift? When it comes to the deadlift it should be quicker to answer why not! Not only does it work the glutes, hamstrings, quads, lower back and calves but when performed with the correct form, various muscles in the

Improving Squatting Technique A correct squatting technique is undervalued in the gym. In fact, the value of a squat is imperative in order to achieve you fitness goals. When a squat is performed properly, with the correct technique and form, it

Something we find ourselves talking about repeatedly to clients is alcohol consumption. This is normally related to clients putting weight on or struggling to lose weight. The basic gist is that alcohol is high in calorie and seriously lacking any

 Client of the Month: Simon Gauge Simon ran the London Marathon on the 24th April completing it in 4 hours and 4 minutes, which is a great achievement. The purpose behind this was to raise money for a charity close to Simon

HYDRATION   Drinking water is so important for good health. When we were children we learnt that each molecule of water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. However we may not have learnt how much water we


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