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Client of the Season Autumn 2014 – Richard Blomley

Occupation: Police Officer Date Started: 24th January 2014 Goals:

  1. Lose weight – 14stone

  2. Improve general fitness

  3. Improve Muscle tone and strength

  4. Improve flexibility

Richard started training with us back in January this year and set out the goals listed in his initial consultation. The weight loss was the biggest target with 14 stone the figure he wanted to get to. Exactly a year ago, Richard had a motorcycle accident in which he came off his bike, and as a few months passed he ended up with a frozen shoulder from it. He went ahead with steroid injections and sessions with a physio before coming to Bodypro to try and get movement back in his shoulder. At present Richard has full range of movement in his shoulder allowing him to do all exercises without any issues, which has allowed him to focus on his other goals. When Richard started here he also set out to use his cross-trainer at home twice a week for 40 minutes each time. As his fitness levels started to improve he opted for two runs outdoor instead of the cross-trainer and his regular resistance based session with us. He uses two routes from his house, the shortest being 4.2miles and the other in the region of 6miles. With Richard’s job comes a lot of time sat in front of a computer screen pretty much all day five days a week. To combat the effects of a sedentary job he also walks his dog at the weekends and covers anywhere up to 10 miles over both days. Richard has had to address aspects of his diet and has been quite disciplined with it since the start. Richard supplements his diet with a whey protein shake mid morning and post workout. Richard’s Typical Daily Diet:- Breakfast – 6am – 50g Porridge Morning Snack – 8am – Banana Morning Snack – 9am – Protein Shake Lunch – 12/1pm – Wholemeal Bagel with Chicken/Turkey/Ham, Banana and Apple Mid Afternoon – Post Workout 4:30pm – Protein Shake Evening Meal – 6:30pm – Steak, New potatoes, Vegetables Current Exercise: 1 x Bodypro session, 2 x run 4.2 – 6 miles, 2 x dog walks – total 10miles (weekends) Richard’s results have started to slow up at present so he has now decided to look at alternative training methods now to break through this plateau. He is interested in possibly getting a road bike, as he has become fonder of the watt bike training done in the gym, and may change one of his endurance runs for a High intensity hill sprint session once a week instead. Well done Richard from the Bodypro Team! Stats

January 2014October 2014Weight15.4.2st     96.7kg14.1.8st     89.7kgBEI21.5%13.5%BF %32.5%29%Circumferences

  1. Hip

  2. Waist

  3. Chest

  4. Arms 111 110 109.5 33.5 106 98 102 31RHR5855Step Test

  5. Max

  6. Rec 165 116 135 80Sit Up Test – 1min1529O’Neill Test897m1044mSit and Reach-18-15Bench Press 10RM45kg50kgPlank Test 42s1:02min


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