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Our Client Of The Month Award for August goes to a couple this month.. awarded to both Matt & Christalla Turner!

Matt is 41 & Christalla is 38

They train together with Jonny in Rochdale twice a week and they live together in Todmorden.

Matt originally found out about us via a simple internet search

Matt originally started 1-on-1 training with Jonny at the end of 2020 with the goal of learning how to lift weights whilst getting a more toned upper body at the same time.

From nothing during the 2020 lockdown, to five months down the line of consistently training twice per week, including playing football socially up to 3 times per week, Matt’s wife, Christalla, decided to begin her BodyPro Training journey by joining Matt training with Jonny. Christalla had similar goals, in that she wanted to learn how to strength train so help her with rehabilitation of a previous injury and getting healthier was also of importance too.

Matt & Christalla both started off complete novice’s at lifting weights. Christalla would be passed a dumbbell and her arms would shake whilst holding them. Matt found getting his technique right took a lot of practice with the lighter weights. Fast forward 4 months and Matt can now lift weights he thought would take years to get himself to lifting confidently and his arms are starting to take shape as a result. Whilst Christalla now keeps asking to try heavier weights every week, constantly testing her strength and increasing her confidence leaving her feeling happy and more energetic as the weeks go by.

On the last weigh in both Matt & Christalla were found out to have made great progress in their numbers too.

Matt lost 3 inches on his waist and hips as well as an amazing 2% body fat down!

Christalla lost 4.5kg!!.. Almost a stone lost. A whopping 2.5% body fat and an inch off her hips lost too!

Matt & Christalla said, when asked how they feel about their progress after their amazing results achieved, “Ultimately this journey for us has been about getting into better shape and staying healthier and happier. We can definitely recommend having a professional private PT studio that puts you at ease straight away and having a programme specially developed to focus on what you’re aiming for makes all the difference and it’s clear to see with what results we have got just 4 months in!”

Amazing and deserved results for such a committed couple who have even brought along their two young boys during the school holidays. Nothing will stop them, a great example that no excuses are allowed.. keep up the amazing work both of you!!

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