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Our summer Client of the Season goes to Sharon Hollister.
Sharon came to us in June of this year with the goal of improving general fitness, improving muscle tone and just generally changing her body composition.
In Sharon’s’ initial session, we discussed a plan going forward in terms of how we she was going to train, and it was going to be that she would use her local gym under the guidance of a gym programme designed by ourselves.
This reason being a big part of why we have selected her as COS. She hasn’t had somebody stood with her every session to push her, so the motivation to achieve her goals has had to come from herself.
I learnt early on that Sharon’s eating habits were of a good quality therefore all we needed to address was some structure to her training week.
Sharon follows a two-day gym programme, with the option of doing a third day of her choice to work on general fitness/conditioning. Sharon also walks the dog outside of training and goes for bike rides at the weekend where time permits.
She works full time 8-30-5pm and has to do a 24 hour on call shift twice a month. Her commitment of time to exercise around work has helped massively in the change in her recent results.

21/4/18 13/8/18
Weight: 58.9kg Weight: 59.1kg
Bodyfat %: 31.8% Bodyfat %: 30%
Hip – 98
Waist – 75
Chest – 88
Arms – 23.5
Hip – 97
Waist – 72
Chest – 88
Arms – 23
Step Test: 175/132 Step Test: 152/101
1min Sit Up test: 12 1min Sit Up test: 25
Plank Test: 2min Plank test: 2min34sec
Dallas Test: 602m Dallas Test: 634m
MMP test: 97w Heart Rate – 172 MMP Test: 116w Heart Rate – 175
Bench Press test: 15kg 20r Bench Press test: 17.5kg 20r
Inverted Row test: 16reps Inverted Row test: 20reps

Sharon so far has run two x 6-week training programmes and we re tested her at twelve weeks. As her training programmes get more advanced and she enhances her training knowledge, I can only see these results getting even better. Well done on your achievements to date Sharon. Now we go again!!

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