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Guinevere Schofield
Gwin (30) came to Bodypro in March 2014 with her partner Nick. Her goals were to lose weight especially from her “muffin top”, tone up her “thighs, bum and arms” and get fit.
She works with Nick at their groundworks company “a few hours a week”, the rest of her time is spent being a full time mother to their daughter and looking after Nick.
Gwin trains 5 days a week (Mon-Friday) and has 2 days rest, she comes to Bodypro 3 times a week, goes to Rochdale Harriers running club on a Monday night and she also goes swimming one day a week.
She completes both cardiovascular exercise and a split resistance routine at Bodypro.
Gwin likes to go out at weekend for meals and drinks (she drinks far too much Champagne) and therefore tries to make healthier choices during the week. Gwin has improved her eating since starting at Bodypro. Only last week she went to the effort of preparing all her meals for the week ahead:
Gwin food
Gwins’ before and after test results

24/3/14 27/7/15
Weight 55.1kg / 8st9lb 57.6kg/9stone 0.5lbs
Body fat % 25% 22%
Circumferences Hip – 94cmWaist – 82cmArms – 25.5cm Hip – 91cmWaist – 77.5cmArms – 21.5cm
Resting Heart Rate 52 58
Step test Max – 180Rec – 124 16591
Sit Up Test 1min – 29 2min – 75
Cooper Test 1520m 2350M
MMP Test 124w 171W
Plank Test 1min 6sec 3:35

Achievements in 2015 so far:
Manchester 10KM Run 1:08:00
Great North ½ mile Swim 30:51
Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge 11:20:00
Personal bests in 2015:
5KM RUN 27:31
1 mile swim 1:07:00
Goals for the rest of 2015:
September-Aspire channel swim challenge
The whole team at Bodypro would like to congratulate Gwin on her achievements so far and wish her the best of luck with her swim challenge next month.
3 peaks Gwin

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